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A Path To Politics

“My name is Josh Babarinde and I’m a down to earth Eastbourne boy with out of this world aspirations to leave our town, community and society in an even better place.”

From being a student at East Sussex College to becoming a successful entrepreneur, his pathway to success has led him to becoming the Liberal Democrats candidate for Eastbourne. He talks a lot about wanting to be a “vocal and visible champion”, but Tag will highlight why he has the potential to be a vocal and visible role model.

From education to entrepreneurship

Josh got his first experience representing people and fighting for them at the top table while studying at East Sussex College in Eastbourne. He told us about being elected as Student Union President and as a Student Governor. He truly believes that these roles helped him prepare for life as a parliamentary candidate for Eastbourne. It was because of the amazing teachers that believed in him, that he had the confidence to dream big and achieve his goals.

It was whilst he was away at University in London that he started to volunteer, working with ex-offenders and ex-gang members:

“It was as a result of that work that I set up my business aimed at supporting those youngsters away from crime and into employment. The business was focused on training these ex-offenders to repair cracked iPhone screens. It allowed them to earn money and develop new skills.”

Courageous councillor

As a result of this hard work, Josh was awarded an OBE, which pushed him even more into wanting to give back to our town. Over a year ago, he decided to stand as a local councillor! Representing Hampden Park, he has not only done a lot for his area but for the whole town as well!

He has given a lot of work to our town; uplifting the spirits of the public by giving back to the place that made him who he is today. His services to the town include: being a volunteer Covid vaccinator, donating video phones to care homes so that residents could speak to their loved ones, supporting entrepreneurs to build businesses and offering himself as a point of contact if residents have problems or issues.

His next step into the future

Because he served our town, he has been selected as the next Liberal Democrats parliamentary candidate for Eastbourne. The next general election will take place in 2024, and a lot of you will be old enough to vote by then!

The question is, what are the most important issues for young people in Eastbourne and how does Josh promise to tackle them?

Firstly, with education being very important for young people like you, it’s also important that your education allows you to have the opportunities you need to thrive and to develop your skills for later in life. Josh reflected on this to Tag:

“The one thing that we need to do is make sure that our education system locally is able to catch up with the aspirations of what young people have. I’m proud to be working very hard with that as a member of the board of East Sussex college in Eastbourne where we’re always looking at making sure that the college has the opportunities for local people to be able to thrive and to get the skills that they need.”

Secondly, as many of us know, cycling around Eastbourne can be a bit of a nightmare for those of us trying to get to college and work. Josh touched on Eastbourne’s cycling infrastructure not being good enough for the young people of our town:

“Lot’s of young people want to keep fit and active, maybe even cycle around places. Our cycling infrastructure in Eastbourne could do with a bit of work: we don’t have enough cycle paths, particularly along the seafront you can’t cycle from one end to the other.”

A final issue for us as young people is that it is hard for us to access the housing ladder due to the lack of available homes and the skyrocketing prices. Josh wants to make it easier for us by making sure that more houses are built in Eastbourne and that the prices become more affordable so that you can put down a deposit on your first home.

A message from Josh:

“Politics is all around us, politics can change how our schools work, how we solve a climate emergency, politics determines whether or not we can buy a flat, what kind of job we may or may not be able to go into, politics is linked to how fulfilled our lives are and how happy we can be and I stand for a situation for a society where we can chose to lead the kind of lives we want to.”

The next general election is going to make a huge difference to our nation. We are the new generation of voters who will finally have the right to give their opinion and vote for who they want in 2024. These voters could include you and it depends very much on how representatives like Josh put themselves forward over the next few years that will help you make your decision. Will Josh Babarinde be the vocal and visible champion he promises to be?

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