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Mental Health

Imagine Having No Social Media

Social media is the highlight and downside to our lives. First, you have the positives, For example, feel-good videos, positive messages, entertainment and humour. But there are negatives as well. These are cyberbullying, hate speech, graphic content and countless other things. 

As we all know, social media has mixed reviews. Not all the content that we see online is safe and friendly. Tag asked parents if they wanted their children online, and some said “no.”


Pros and Cons of social media

One of the best things about social media is that we can easily meet like-minded people. That being said, you must be extremely careful when meeting people online because internet safety is a common concern. They said that websites allow people to find others with similar interests who they can create a relationship with and get to know on a deeper level. Some of these include Reddit for general topics, Discord for specific communities, and TikTok for trending topics. 

One of the cons is fewer physical interactions. “These sites reduce the amount of face-to-face socialising and replace it with online interaction, which is believed to result in low-quality relationships with other people.”

“A scholarly journal published by the National Library of Medicine reports that 6.3% of the overall population is addicted to their smartphones.” (2021) These statistics are ridiculous because they mean that the majority of Americans feel the need to spend time on social media daily.


Interview with an expert

We got in touch with Jacob Law, 16, who runs a successful social media account based on mountain biking. We asked him, “What would you do without social media?”. Jacob said, “I would probably be fine. “Be normal, you’ll probably actually enjoy doing things,” and “I rarely use it unless it’s for messages.”

The second question we asked was, “How does social media help you?” Jacob told us that it helps them communicate with other people who they might not know without it. “The great thing about social media is that it gives you a chance to show off things that you like or that you’re good at. Jacob uses social media to show off their biking skills and equipment. Finally, we asked him, “What would you miss?” We weren’t shocked by their answer. “Funny videos”.

Social media is a great pastime. But you might find yourself scrolling all day every day. We hope that you have found this article useful in helping you to take more frequent breaks from social media. There are many more ways to help you take breaks, but we insist that you get creative and discover new ways that work for you! Perhaps it’s time for a change. You are the only person that can help yourself from being overloaded. If you are struggling with social media addiction, or you know someone who is, you can get help.

Visit or call (877) 329-0952 to get some help from trained specialists.
Also, if you or any of your friends are struggling with cyberbullying, please visit or call 0800 1111. There are lots of people out there who can help you 24/7. Tag is rooting for you!

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