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Mental Health

Meet Luma

“A place for those who believe opening their mind is a positive thing.” – Luma on Instagram

The Luma programme is a digital creative initiative operationally led by Eggtooth and delivered by Ramshackle Productions. The programme is funded as part of the ESCC Public Health “Everyday Creativity” workstream headed by Culture Shift and commissioned by Public Health ESCC. It will be re-launched on April 25th, 2022. The programme’s main objective is to improve and or sustain young people’s mental health and well-being through creativity. The project will aim to also address inequalities and build young people’s confidence and skills so they can achieve their dreams. 


How did it start?

In 2021, East Sussex county council piloted several creative activity programmes targeting the wellbeing of people from different communities. After a successful review completed in early 2022, Public Health took the decision to extend the young people’s element of the programme for two years. This new extended programme was then reshaped based on findings from the review.


What are its aims?

The Luma programme consists of two sub-projects and a legacy project. The overarching aim of the programme is to improve the emotional well-being of young people aged 16 to 24. The programme aims to use the process of being creative and the finished creative product to build local young people’s resilience and improve their wellbeing.

Luma’s creative activities support health and wellbeing as a distraction tool to avoid stress, as a contemplation tool to create the mental space to reassure problems and make plans and as a self development tool to build self-esteem, confidence and overall well being.


Introducing Luma_en

Ramshackle Productions and youth partners started Luma_en on Instagram in June 2021. Young people were and still are central to generating ideas for creative content. The channel focuses on content created by young people and what is important to them. For example awareness of mental health, climate change, and body positivity. There is no doubt that the page is quickly gaining followers.

Up until March 2022 the page contained food stories, mask trivia, tackling online racism, and techniques to calm anxiety. At the time of writing, they are relaunching their page so keep an eye out for new content!


Feel illuminated

Projects like these are crucial more and more these days following the pandemic. These projects are crucial ways of reaching out to your generation and supporting them in whatever way they can with the challenges that they face with their mental health. 

Check out @hello_luma on Instagram to look at their inspiring content and find out more about the “Everyday Creativity” project on

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