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Red Carded

Read about the football’s biggest scandals has and how they’ve shaken the football world.

This article will tell you the biggest scandals football has and the effects that it has left on the football world. From drug scandals to murder, this article will reveal  all. Some of the greatest  players in the sport have been exposed and you will see the effect that the crime had on them. Some of the craziest stories you will hear will come out of this article. These crimes come up daily, and you’d be surprised who was getting involved.

Justin Fashanu

The story of Justin Fashanu is sad and awful. Fashanu was an exceptional football player, but his legacy has nothing to do with his performances on the pitch. He was the first openly gay black English footballer. Amidst racism, In October of 1990, Fashanu publicly came out. He came out to the public by using The Sun newspaper with headline stating ‘£1M soccer star: I am GAY’ and claimed he wanted to stop “living a lie”. He was shut out by his family and by the black community. For not only his sexuality but for the fact that he went onto The Sun which at that point was a right-wing newspaper which was another point of criticism. He joined Maryland Mania, a US football team in the late ‘90s, but his new start was cut short when he was accused of SA against a young person. He believed it wouldn’t be a fair trial and fled back to Britain and on the 3rd of May 1998 he was found dead. Fashanu was an openly gay man tornmented about his sexuality  which drove him to suicide.

Gamblings grip on Football 

Gambling is one of the darkest parts of football with many people getting into it at a very young age. 1.7% of 11-16 year olds are already ‘problem gamblers’ which was released by the Gambling Commission last year. Many footballers have their lives heavily damaged by gambling as it is three times more likely to have a gambling addiction than a normal person. Ex England player Paul Merson has explained his story and how it has affected his life in his show Paul Merson: Football, Gambling and Me. The show highlights the fact that the addictive lifestyle of gambling every day has affected him even after being off it for many months. The show also shows the death that gambling has caused with at least one person comminiting suicide a day due to gambling, really showing how dark it can be. Gambling is something so accessible that even people you know can be affected and you would be unaware. Gambling is so large in football that you can see betting logos over 700 times a game and over 6 times a minute according to the University of Glasgow. These figures express how much gambling has a grip on football.


Football is meant to be ‘The Beautiful Game’ but after reading these stories, it makes you think that even your favourite player could have a dark side. More scandals come out daily around the world about football players, and it does make you wonder how badly money and fame can affect people. 


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